Chinaco NOM1127

今日は11/27ということで、NOM1127 Chinaco チナコのご紹介です。

生産はタマウリパス州のラ ゴンサレーニャ蒸留所。



Today is 11.27 (Nov. 27th) and we would like to introduce NOM1127 Chinaco to you.

It is produced at La Gonzaleña distillery located in the state of Tamaulipas
Upon making its debut in the US back in 1983, Chinaco won a very high reputation for its wonderful taste.
Thereafter, the distillery temporarily closed down, and this tequila became much sought after and very difficult to obtain.

With operation resumed now, it is carefully produced drop by drop in accordance with a traditional method.

How about warming yourself with this high-quality tequila, as the deep of winter sets in.

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