Romeo y Julieta


Romeo y Julieta のご紹介です。
キューバ産の葉巻として知られる、Cohiba、 Partagás、Montecristoと並びキューバ産を代表する葉巻として知られています。

I wish you a Happy New Year.
All staff of AGAVE would like to see you this year too.
This time the “cigar time” is about Romeo y Julieta, which is also famous as the story title.
Romeo y Julieta, as well as Cohiba, Partagás and Montecristo, is known as a typical Cuban cigar.
It is said that its name is said to be derived from the fact that the story used to be read by many artisans who rolled cigars.
Although the name may suggest a soft taste, it actually offers a rich, sufficient taste.
How about spending your “cigar time” with tequila in a glass, just like two are talking about romance over a balcony as described by “Romeo y Julieta”.

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