バカノラはソノラ州で作られており、原料となるアガヴェは「Agave Pacifica」という品種が主です。その他にも「Agave palmeri」など数種使用されています。



Today we would like to introduce an agave spirit called “bacanora” to you.
At present the agave spirits that are defined according to the place of origin are: tequila, mezcal, sotol and bacanora.
Bacanora is produced in the state of Sonora, and its main raw material is a species called “Agave Pacifica”. Besides, several other species such as Agave Palmeri are also used.
Although similar to mezcal in terms of the production method and the smoky taste, bacanora was illegal liquor until some 20 years ago. With the reason why it was illegal being unclear, bacanora was bootlegged until legalized in 1992 and is liquor that has won some popularity as an agave spirit native to the state of Sonora and that somewhat gives an impression of danger.

The one our bar has managed to obtain this time is a bacanora called “Pascola”. Pascola refers to a masked dancer and storyteller in some Native American cultures.

Now our bar has all agave spirits, namely tequila, mezcal, sotol and bacanora. How about drinking these four kinds, making comparisons?