PORFIDIO Juniper Tree Gin

PORFIDIO Juniper Tree Gin
(ポルフィディオ ジュニパーツリー ジン)










PORFIDIO Juniper Tree Gin

The beloved maker of the Agave Spirits, PORFIDIO has released their own Gin.

Most gins are based on grains but this masterpiece uses the juniper berries, most essential to gin making as botanical, as the main ingredient. Fermented them, double distilled in a single still.

Then as for botanicals, they’ve selected, flowers from Agave, cactus and even dragon fruit.

After distillation, the liquid extracted from the Agave plant is added to reduce the alcohol percentage from 79 to 47.

On top of that, the spirit is aged for 5 years in chestnut barrels from Germany. Chestnut tends to give a very distinctive flavor and aroma to spirits but in this case the fresh flavor of the Junior Berries along with the flowers used as botanicals does the trick.

A sweet and smooth gin, the classic Old Tom Gin style, recommended straight up or on the rocks.

Old Tom Gin is, by the way, a style of gin popular in 18th century England. In order to disguise the rough taste of the gin prior to dry gins, sugar etc. were added. Not so common these days and not easy to find.

This Spirit is full of innovative ideas, probably only PORFIDIO could have come up with. So please come and try it out.

Takuya Takahashi

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