Don Alvaro


Good evening.
The spring is gradually setting in, with cherry blossoms beginning to bloom.
Did you go to the Tequila Festa held the other day?
Regarding “Don Alvaro” used also as a base in the competition of this Festa, it is made by an organic production method. The Blanco thereof emits a unique smell and taste and is described by some people as something like Sakuramochi (a Japanese sweet consisting of rice cake and a bean paste). The Reposado thereof is not named “Don Alvaro” but named “Buen Amigo (Good Friend)”.
The tequila Don Alvaro has a flavor suitable for the spring. How about feeling the spring by drinking this?
We also recommend a margarita called Organic Margarita, which is based upon the Don Alvaro and uses agave syrup instead of Cointreau.

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